Positive Screens

We seek out com­pa­nies which pro­vide prod­ucts or ser­vices that con­tribute pos­i­tively to soci­ety. This can include those involved in:

  • Alter­na­tive energy, includ­ing solar and wind power, geot­her­mal power, and some types of bio­mass energy
  • Envi­ron­men­tal tech­nol­ogy and solu­tions e.g. energy conservation
  • Pub­lic transport
  • Hous­ing and other products/​services which improve qual­ity of life for the under-​served
  • Lead­ers in inno­v­a­tive and socially ben­e­fi­cial prod­ucts or processes such as green manufacturing

We pre­fer com­pa­nies which:

  • Actively reduce their energy use and car­bon footprint
  • Pro­mote bio­di­ver­sity of plant and ani­mal life
  • Sup­port organic farm­ing and non-​genetically engi­neered food
  • Sup­port sustainability