Human Rights Screens

  • Com­pa­nies with mate­r­ial activ­ity and/​or invest­ments in repres­sive regimes where domes­tic or broad-​based inter­na­tional con­stituen­cies have called for sanc­tions or divest­ment. “Mate­r­ial activ­ity” is sub­ject to inter­pre­ta­tion and will take into account the rel­a­tive level of invest­ment, the rel­a­tive level of activ­ity in the coun­try, the his­toric and cur­rent activ­i­ties of the com­pany in other areas of CSR, and the spe­cific régime or regimes.
  • Com­pa­nies which have exhib­ited a sys­tem­atic dis­re­gard for human rights. If a com­pany has demon­stra­bly improved its behav­ior and has responded to alle­ga­tions of abuses by putting sys­tems in place to mit­i­gate the risk of sim­i­lar offenses occur­ring, it may be deemed accept­able for purchase.

At the very least, we choose com­pa­nies which pro­vide safe and healthy work­places and pay their employ­ees at least the min­i­mum wage in their coun­try of oper­a­tion. Those com­pa­nies should also rec­og­nize work­ers’ rights to orga­nize and engage in col­lec­tive bar­gain­ing. We also expect sim­i­lar labor stan­dards in a company’s sup­ply chain.